Yearly fee for membership is only 60,- kr., for this you get access to guidance – advisory – and supports the battle for social decency in Denmark.

We are a non-profit Association, membership fee only covers the expenses of running the association. Membership the easy way

Payment details follows on registration

You get guidance if you have a case with a danish authority, and will support making decency in Denmark

You are of course very welcome to participate as an active member, in social matters, we can always use more help
We are a non-profit registered association, membership fee and donations therefore only contributes to the purpose of the association and the costs of running it.

I hereby confirm that I am aware of the associations purpose, and it is my own free will to join the association.
I hereby confirm that I am been made aware that there is a membership fee, that can get adjusted once per year on the general assembly.
I hereby confirm that I am aware that I at anytime can revoke my membership, but the payment for the fiscal year, is non refundable, due to the costs of refunding, and that i am connection herewith can ask for and even demand that all personal information about my person is being deleted, according to the European rules known as GDPR.
I hereby confirm that the association can forward the fiscal payment to me through email, unless I cancel my membership.